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กรรม และ ปฏิจจสมุปบาท โดย ศ.นพ. คงศักดิ์ ตันไพจิตร

I have a question about Soros yan. Please explain in detail from #1-#16



Insight Knowledge 16 steps (Solosa-nana)

1.       knowledge of realizing the differentiation between Name/mentality & Form/materiality
2.       knowledge of realizing the Causation or Conditionality of Name and Form
3.       knowledge of realizing that Name & Form would have to follow the Law of 3 Universal Marks/Characteristics of Existence (1. Impermanence; 2. Imperfection; 3. Selflessness)
4.       knowledge of realizing the arising and ceasing of Name & Form or the
       5 Aggregates/Skandha – Form/Body, Feeling, Perception, Thought Formation,  Consciousness
5.       knowledge of realizing the disintegration of thought formation/conditioning
6.       knowledge of realizing the horror of thought formation/conditioning, as they will      eventually disintegrate
7.       knowledge of realizing that the harm/danger of thought formation/conditioning, as  being imperfect /suffering
8.       knowledge arisen from being dispassionate through realizing the harm of thought    formation/conditioning
9.       knowledge of desiring for deliverance,  from being disenchanted in all thought formation/conditioning
10.   knowledge of seeking for the path of deliverance from abandoning thought formation/conditioning
11.   knowledge arisen from being equanimous towards all thought formation/conditioning, and maintaining an unbiased mind
12.   knowledge of realizing the 4 Noble Truths through being unbiased/neutral towards all thought formation/conditioning
13.   knowledge of realizing the nature of the cross road of transcending the Worldly conditions towards the Ultimate/Nobility
14.   knowledge of realizing that the Path towards becoming the Noble Disciples
15.   knowledge of realizing the fruition of success in becoming Noble disciples of certain particular levels
16.   knowledge of realizing through reviewing which defilement have already been abandoned, and what are still left behind

Basically, one would start by realizing that a life form consists of 2 aspects, i.e., 
Form (body as well as other forms including sight, sound, smell, taste, touch, thought) & Name (Consciousness/Mind & Mental activities, i.e., Feeling, Perception, Thought Formation). 
Together, these are the 5 Aggregates of Existence (of Clinging - as 'self').

One would then realize that Name & Form basically are 1. impermanent, 2. imperfect, and 3. selfless in nature (The 3 Universal Marks / Characteristics of Existence)

As one sees their true nature as above, one would see the harm / danger or basically it becomes a burden whenever one holds on to them (one would be disenchated).

Such grasping and holding is basically rooted in'thought formation'/ conditioning (Samkara), which is tainted by one's own bias.

Through practicing Mindful Awareness (Mindfulness & Self-awareness), one would perceive things unbiasedly / equanimously / neutrally in theirs true nature, as they really are.
In other words, by practicing Mindful-Awareness through Insight Meditation, one is treading the Middle Path already (without having to seek for the Path, as the Buddha had already discovered and laid down the guidelines and technique of the 
4 Foundations of Mindfulness, to tread the Middle Path. If one practices diligently with mindfulness and self-awareness, one would become neutral and unbiased and would reach the 11th step directly, and the final fruition and realization would not be too far ahead.

By being unbiased, intuitive wisdom would arise, and free oneself from suffering, through being disenchanted, discerned or detached, and liberated.

Through such approach, it would be the simplest and most direct way of gaining Insight Knowledge and Wisdom, without having to memorize or trying to understand the 16 steps of Insight Knowledge (Solosa-nana) which was basically and originally drawn up from the fruition achieved through practicing Insight Meditation.

I hope this would help you to understand the steps of how the mind comes to see, witness, and realize the Truths.

With best regards,